Our Top 10 FAQs

  FAQ ‘s about Olive Oils and Vinegars at Grapevine Olive Oil Company:


 Where are the olive oils from? You will see on the label (near the flavor) where the olive oil was grown/made. Most of our olive oils are from California and Texas. A few are from European countries such as Italy and Spain. 

How do you know they are really Extra Virgin oils? We only work with farmers that are certified by the California Olive Oil Council, and /or producers that have won awards at the New York Olive Oil Competition (which are also tested for authenticity; Extra Virgin Olive Oil has to meet an acidity level of .08 or lower and cold pressed)

 Are all the olive oils certified organic? No, not all of them are USDA Certified “Organic”  We do carry some that are organic (All of our Enzo labeled olive oils are certified) Some of the smaller companies we work with cannot afford that certification even if they are technically organic.

 Are you part of a franchise? No, we source our products ourselves and decide what we want to carry. 

What do I use olive oil and vinegar for? For All Your cooking! Substitute olive oil where you are using vegetable and other oils; olive oil is much healthier! Use it on salads, sautéing, bread dipping, roasting vegetables, grilling..anywhere you want to add an extra layer of flavor! Vinegars are great as a drizzle over fresh fruit, as a finish on roasted vegetables, in your salad dressing, as a finishing glaze for meats, to add flavor to cocktails or in fizzy water. These are just a few examples, google olive oil and vinegar recipes and plenty of ideas will appear! 

How long is the shelf life? Olive Oil is a fresh squeezed fruit, you should eat it as fast as possible. We recommend using it in less than 2 years for max health benefits and flavor. Our vinegars actually get better with age! I’ve personally never had one go “Bad” but if it smells weird, throw it away. 

What makes your olive oil different than the brands sold at the grocery store? The majority of mass produced brands of olive oils sold at your local grocery store are imported (typically from Italy, Spain, Chile, etc) and have been proven to be either not “extra virgin” and/or not even olive oil at all. (Google "Olive Oil Fraud, you will find much information!)

 Fraud awareness in olive oil has risen significantly over the past 5 years, but has been ignored because the American public likes the cheap prices. At our store, we let you taste our olive oils before you purchase so you know what you are taking home. Here’s a great quote I found regading buying olive oil at a big grocery store:  “Buy it, take it home, open it, smell it, swirl it in your mouth as you would a fine wine, and judge for yourself. If it doesn't pass that test, take it back to the store and demand a refund.” (Source: Forbes magazine)

 Grapevine Olive Oil Co. advice: If it doesn’t smell like a fresh cut lawn, grassy and fresh, it is the first tip off it is not authentic,fresh extra virgin olive oil.  

 How are your balsamic vinegars affordable/vs. expensive balsamic vinegars? Most of our balsamic vinegars (aside from those specifically packaged and labeled) are “Condimento” grade balsamic. They are a mixture of young and older balsamic vinegar to get the same flavor profile of a really expensive balsamic at a more affordable price. 


Is there sugar or gluten in balsamic vinegar or olive oil? Yes, balsamic vinegar is made with grapes, therefore it does have some sugar. Some of our balsamics also have sulfites (Same as wine) If you need no sulfites, we do have those available…ask us to point them out or look at labels! There is no gluten in vinegar or olive oils. There is no sugar in olive oil.

 Is Calorie and Nutritional information available for your oil and vinegars? Yes, ask the staff and they will provide for you.