Refill for a Discount!


Yes you read correctly! 

When your bottle is empty, wash and let it dry it completely (throw away cork) Bring your clean bottle back to the store and we will refill your bottle (375ml or 750ml sizes only) and discount the original price by $3.00.

Bottles must be clean and completely dry for refill discount.  

Having trouble getting your bottle dry? Try these tips:

-Set bottle outside in the sun for a few hours

-On lowest oven setting, put bottle in oven until all moisture is gone-Remove with caution-let bottle cool off!

-Air dry upside down on a bottle rack for a day or two until moisture is gone

-Place a rolled up paper towel in bottle (leaving extra hanging out near lid so you can remove paper towel) Let towel absorb moisture for a day or two and then remove paper towel.